Why are we doing this?   

After travels to Africa and comparing opportunities that existed at home and abroad for young females, a dedicated group of Canadians wanted to share their talents and skills.

Research and data indicated that the participation rate of Tanzanian women in formal and informal education is 1/4 that of men.  The social environment in Tanzania is such that women find themselves in circumstances where they are unable to make decisions about their life development such as the number of children they bear, owning property and other key life shaping decisions including education and employment. 

Many young women have to look after siblings and raise families in circumstances of social and economic hardship.  Some of our scholarship recipients are single mothers.  Nafasi Opportunity Society's aim is to make a difference by creating opportunity and providing women with the skills to be financially self-sufficient.

 PICTURED:  Class of 2015 in session at our partner The Open University of Tanzania